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The Chosen

★★★★★  Edinburgh Festival Magazine 

'it uniquely appeals to our times'

★★★★ the Herald  "'he layers of sound and visual imagery cannily underpin episodes of movement that catch at the ebb and flow of our existence. '



★★★★ the Scotsman  

'more than once I found myself in tears at the thoughts and feelings evoked by the movement and its touching execution' 



★★★★ the List 

'Intensely physical;athletic, near violent, exhilarating'

★★★★ the National

'This is not maudlin or miserable, but a stylish, compassionate piece urging us to live right now.'

★★★★ Edinburgh Guide 

'layered metaphors and rich depth of emotion' 



★★★★ Scots Gay 

'an impressive piece of choreography by Kally Lloyd-Jones'



★★★★ Broadway Baby 

'a beautiful and moving piece'



★★★★ the Fountain 

'As an ensemble piece, it was flawless....With a cast of such impressive dancers/actors, stunning choreography, and excellent technical back-up, I wonder if this production is destined for greater fortunes'



Fest Mag

'the Chosen is demanding. The cast works is intense and tests stamina'


Recommended by the Guardian, the Herald, the List, BBC Arts and is a highly recommended show in the Fringe Review.


The Chosen

The Chosen is a deeply personal reflection on how we experience the time left to us. Created and directed by Kally Lloyd-Jones, The Chosen is an intensely moving dance piece about dying and embracing the art of living. How do we choose to live in the face of the inevitable and how do we think about the final stage of our life cycle? Increasingly, as medicine advances, knowledge of imminent death has become a reality for everyone.  A reference to The Rite of Spring, the “Chosen One” is to be sacrificed, but also revered and honoured - Company Chordelia’s The Chosen addresses our mortality from the shifting perspectives of ourselves and our loved ones.   

Created & Directed by Kally Lloyd-Jones

Choreography by Kally Lloyd-Jones in collaboration with the cast

Design by Janis Hart

Lighting Design by Elle Taylor

Cast:  Katie Armstrong, Thomas Baylis, Amelia Cardwell, Giulia Montalbano, Lewis Normand, Jack Webb (Jack Anderson)


Richard Strauss: 4 Last Songs - September 

François Dompierre : Les Beautés Du Diable 

Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria In D, RV 589 - Et In Terra Pax Hominibus 

Richard Strauss: 4 Last Songs - Beim Schlefengehen 

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Piano Trio in A Minor, Op. 50: Variation VI 

Richard Strauss: 4 Last Songs - Im Abendrot 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Requiem in D Minor, K. 626: III. Sequentia: Lacrimosa

Photos by Nadine Boyd

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