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An erotically charged and witty interpretation of live cabaret, full of corsets and sensuality, the elegance of dance with moving and eclectic music and song. Sumptuous, classy and mischievous, Cabaret Chordelia is also darkly profound and intimate.

MUSIC DIRECTOR: Damian Thantrey
LIGHTING DESIGN: Grahame Gardner
STYLIST: Tom Rogers

SINGER: Damian ThantreyDANCERS: Kimberley Lawrie/Amelia Cardwell, Kally Lloyd-Jones, Kirsty PollockPIANIST: Jessica Johns / Susannah Wapshott / Ian Ryan

MUSIC: Coward, Rogers & Hart, Kirsty MacColl, Tom Waits, Charlap & George, Bacharach & David, Billy Joel, Bolcom, Burke, Malneck & Livingston, Van Heusen, Kern, Shire, Weill, Wilcox


“a seamless hybrid of vocals and dance, combining sometimes gender-bending torch songs with fluid movements from a trio of dancers, sometimes poignant, sometimes saucy, and in the end deeply affecting“  **** The Scotsman


“tasteful and polished, but not glamorous, and as gritty as an opera. It is a study
on how popular forms are integrated into supposedly higher art forms.
Certainly cool, undoubtedly intelligent“   
Gareth K. Vile, The Shimmy Skinny


“So set ’em up, Joe, and here’s a hoop-de-do toast to the wry’n’delightful
Cabaret Chordelia“   
Mary Brennan, The Herald


Unique luxury entertainment available for events.  

Flexible and suitable for a variety of spaces & venues.
For enquiries and bookings please contact: 

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