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*****  The Guardian

***** The Herald

**** The Times

**** The Scotsman

**** The List

The Guardian Number 5 in Judith Mackrell's Top 10 dance of 2015

 The Daily Telegraph Dance Review of 2015 


Nijinsky’s Last Jump combines theatre and dance to evoke the legendary 20th Century dancer’s journey from global success to the desolate isolation of mental illness. As the passionate obsession of the young Nijinsky comes face to face with the searching inner life of the older Nijinsky, this sharp and tender show portrays a poignant intimacy of genius and madness, youth and age, both the performing and private self.  Inspired by the rhythmic obsession of Nijinsky’s diaries, Young and Old Nijinsky consider their life together, on and off stage, trying to make sense of the loss of self.

TEXT BY Michael Daviot
PERFORMED BY James Bryce & Darren Brownlie


Number 5 in Judith Mackrell's top 10 Dance for 2015.


Daily Telegraph: Mark Monahan's  Review of the Year included Nijinsky's Last Jump in it's highlights of 2015 -   "almost intolerably moving two-hander .. This burnished little pearl was the work of Company Chordelia"


Lloyd-Jones does not sentimentalise her material, yet in this impeccably researched, beautifully performed piece, she conjures a world in which genius and insanity, youth and age speak to each and make perfect sense.” 

***** The Guardian

a remarkable new piece by Company Chordelia”  ***** The Herald


By its close Nijinsky’s Last Jump shapes up into a memorably tender but unsentimental portrait of the love and loss of self.”  ****  The Times 


"Bryce movingly suggested the permanently blunted wits trying to reconnect

with his younger, rawly sensitised self (Darren Brownlie, also commendable)."

"Bouquets to director Kally Lloyd-Jones for turning such tricky material into a concise, precise emotional experience."  The Spectator


devastating”  **** The Skinny


The intriguing central notion of a meeting (as well as the love and loss) of one’s self is realised with uncommon sensitivity and intelligence.”  **** The List 


"Countless books, plays and films have tried to capture his glamorous rise to fame, then tragic descent into schizophrenia - and with Nijinsky’s Last Jump, Company Chordelia can count itself among the more successful endeavours."   

****  The Scotsman


"The dancing was beautiful, the acting superb – the show simply has to be seen!"   *****  ScotsGay Magazine


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