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Company Chordelia creates moving and accessible multi-genre dance performances which explore narrative and character driven work centred around deeply human themes.

Company Chordelia was formed in April 2002 by award winning director/choreographer and Artistic Director Kally Lloyd-Jones.  The company’s work is rooted in dance and theatre but works across genres.  Each work she creates for Company Chordelia is unique in content and form, a constant evolution of approach to suit each carefully researched subject,  yet with a clear and recognisable voice and vision.  

Lloyd-Jones makes work which explores the human condition, the edges of our experience and what drives us.  Whether it is about the dance marathons of depression-era America, Nijinsky’s descent into madness, or an analysis of Lady Macbeth, Lloyd-Jones’s intense curiosity and meticulous detail paves the way for a melding of dance with potent theatricality.  Working from a directorial perspective, underpinned by her dance background, she produces detailed, layered, psychological character studies and weaves them around movement vocabularies created for each show, and around the people she works with.

She says of her work “I try to find the space between words, the emotional truth which words can’t always express.  I look for beauty and meaning in darkness and I try to shed light, to find the core.


From small scale rural touring to large scale collaborations, the company reaches out to new and wide-ranging audiences.   Co-producers have included Scottish Opera with a full scale orchestra, and Solar Bear.  Company Chordelia has the desire to communicate with audiences at the forefront of its thinking, which is borne out by its ongoing popularity with venues and audiences. 

Productions include The Seven Deadly Sins (2011 & 2013, winner of The Herald Angel Award / co-production with Scottish Opera) and Dance Derby (2013 / co-production with Scottish Opera), Dance Derby Tour 2014, Nijinsky's Last Jump (2015 & 2016), Lady Macbeth: unsex me here (2016 & 2017) and The Chosen (2019). Nijinsky’s Last Jump was one of the top dance shows of 2015 in both The Guardian and The Telegraph.

Company Chordelia  is regularly supported by Creative Scotland,  is a Scottish Charity and a member of the Federation of Scottish Theatre.


sharp, sexy and bitterly sad.”   ★★★★★  The Independent on Sunday



This ballet chanté format allows Scottish Opera and Company Chordelia to work together in a co-production that boasts the best of both artistic worlds … There’s a strong narrative drive expressed through song and dance, and it’ll grip you in a way that ballet or opera alone may not.

Metro on The Seven Deadly Sins with Scottish Opera


Company Chordelia joined the Green Arts Initiative and created their environmental policy.  We are committed to monitoring, managing and minimising the environmental impact of our operations and the work we produce and tour.

We would like to encourage everyone we work with, and our audiences, to consider the environment and what you can do to help.  Creative Carbon Scotland  is a partnership of arts organisations working to put culture at the heart of a sustainable Scotland. You can get ideas and help from their website.



ASSOCIATE ARTIST:  Katie Armstrong


PATRON:  Janice Galloway


BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Severine Wyper (Chair), John Harding, Judith Kilvington,

Kerry Livingstone, Kally Lloyd-Jones


"This burnished little pearl was the work of Company Chordelia"  The Telegraph

The Company Chordelia cast are truly remarkable”   ★★★★★ The Herald

"exquisite”  Sunday Herald

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