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Touring October/November 2016

"elegant and eviscerating" ★★★★★The Stage

“A triumph”  *★★★★ Herald

“Fascinating”  ★★★★ Scotsman

“Compelling”  ★★★★ The Times

"bold and haunting"  *★★★★  The Guardian

"a masterpiece of intellect and imagery"

★★★★★  Edinburgh Guide

Lady Macbeth: unsex me here is a dance theatre piece exploring the complex character of Lady Macbeth with a cast of 3 men, all playing Lady Macbeth.  Power.  Guilt.  The conflict between masculinity and femininity.

Using the language from Shakespeare’s Macbeth as a source, British Sign Language will become a part of the choreography producing a piece of dance & movement theatre which will reach D/deaf and hearing audiences on different levels and in different ways.


Created & Directed by Kally Lloyd-Jones

Choreography by Kally Lloyd-Jones in collaboration with the cast

Design by Janis Hart

Lighting Design by Laura Hawkins

Artistic Associate: Gerry Ramage

CAST: Thomas J BaylisJacob Casselden, Jack Webb

BSL Interpreter & Advisor:  Yvonne Strain

Sound Design: Jesse Godolphin

Voice of Lady Macbeth: Georgina Bell Godolphin

Intro Music Composed & Played by Lliam Paterson

Technician/relights:  Elle Taylor

Stage Manager: Katy Nicolson / Marian Sharkey

MUSIC: Sigurdsson, Vivaldi, Ravel, Chopin, Desplat, Verdi, Mozart


The Guardian.  Unmissable Culture 2017

"bold and haunting" **** The Guardian

"elegant and eviscerating" * * * * * The Stage

"a masterpiece of intellect and imagery" ***** Edinburgh Guide

“Visually, the piece is compelling, from the blood-red skirts worn by the performers to the visceral, frenzied interpretation of the sleepwalking scene”   **** The Times

"To peel back and examine each layer of Company Chordelia’s new work in a review this size is an impossibility. So rich in thought, detail and execution is it, you would need an entire thesis to do it justice"    **** The Scotsman

"a dance-drama of quite troubling beauty, psychological insights and richly symbolic imaginings”    **** The Herald

“an original and successful take on one of Shakespeare's most famous dramas"

***** Plays To See


"exquisite”  Sunday Herald

"This production is elegant, eloquent; rigorously considered; viscerally actualized;magnetically and magnificently performed"  

MUST SEE SHOW  Fringe Review

"a detailed psychological study of Macbeth's partner in crime"  **** The List 

"both moves and shocks"   Oxford Dance Writers

Photos by Jane Hobson and Susan Hay

BSL Trailer

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