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New work development

This is a two-week development at Dance Base for Kally Lloyd-Jones to work on a new show for Company Chordelia.  Revel (working title), is a celebration of age and of the richness of what older performers bring to physical performance.

This time will be used to explore our differences and common ground in the experience of ageing: our own bodies, feelings and our sense of how society shapes perceptions of ageing. How do we see ourselves as dancers and performers, the desire to dance that never goes away and how we work in the bodies we have now, using all the professional skills and experience we have accumulated over our lives. This studio time will sow the seeds for the stories, material, tone and structure for this new piece, finding the true direction for the next phase.  Collaborators are Steinvor Palsson, Priya Shrikumar, Mhairi Allan, Liz Rankin and set and costume designer Janis Hart.


There will be a work-in-progress sharing at the end of the second week, Friday June 14th - details to be announced.

Thanks to Creative Scotland and Dance Base

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