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“a deadly and erotically charged tale”   The Herald ****


“spookily atmospheric”   Metro ****


“a sparkling, offbeat production”   The Big Issue ****


“admirable in both its originality and its ambition…the kind of production we see too little of on the Scottish stage”   The Sunday Herald


“Company Chordelia held us transfixed.  The word “haunting” scarcely does justice to the experience”   West Highland Free Press



















DESIGN: Tom Rogers


LIGHTING DESIGN: Grahame Gardner
MUSIC: Chopin, Bartok, Butterworth, Glass, Faure

CAST: Kally Lloyd-Jones, Linda McLaughlin, Damian Thantrey, Freya Jeffs, Amelia Cardwell


In her only garment, a faded, tattered once-wedding dress with sunglasses to shield her from light, the Countess, neither alive nor dead, is a reluctant huntress, condemned forever to slake a thirst that will not let her rest. She turns over a tarot card. For the first time ever, she has drawn Les Amoureux. Her keeper and the shadows of her domain bear witness to the arrival of the handsome young soldier…

Company Chordelia’s new production, Les Amoureux is based around Angela Carter’s story The Lady of The House of Love which has inspired the idea of creating a visceral, theatrical equivalent to Carter’s incredible imagery. This is a story of love, life and death, a twisted Sleeping Beauty with the faded opulent feel of a gothic fantasy with a strong Eastern European quality. Combining dance and physical theatre with opera, voice and design, Les Amoureux is a sensual tale of purity and damage. Les Amoureux creates a world where time stops and never ends, expressed through physical grace, explosive, characterful movement, whispers, discord and beautiful, soaring singing.



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