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DESIGN by Janis Hart
LIGHTING DESIGN by Grahame Gardner
CAST: Kimberley Lawrie, Kally Lloyd-Jones, Kirsty Pollock
PIANO MUSIC composed and played by Lynda Cochrane
MUSIC by Chopin, Corelli, Clara Schumann, Sibelius



Following the success of their critically acclaimed show Les Amoureux, Company Chordelia present Miranda, an exciting new work of dance, music and theatre.

Miranda, spoilt, innocent, and weary of her cloistered life of dinner parties and deceit finds herself alone in a cold snowy landscape. White, silence, breath. A well-lit house. Empty. Slowly she realises she is not quite alone. Black.

A psychological thriller, a story of self discovery, Miranda is compelled to see beyond the tangible to reconcile her past. Dance, sound, live music, imagery.


“beautifully staged”   The Herald


“Lloyd-Jones, as befits a director for Scottish Opera, is confident when creating evocative moments: a duet in the darkness, illuminated by a torch; a cowled Pierrot attending Miranda; a piano apparently playing itself.”   The Skinny


“It’s stunning both to look at and to listen to”   Metro


Audience members on Miranda:


“Poignant, moving, subtle. Would love to see it again. Cast astonishing. Loved the music and the stage set. Much to think further about.”


“Absolutely fabulous!! My first experience of dance – enthralling, loved it.”

“Wow! Fantastic show, mesmerising performance”


“A marvellous representation of the reconciliation of childhood and maturity, of trouble and searching for meaning, beautifully mediated by the Pierrot.  Some of the movements, like the transference from one to the other and the Pierrot’s fingers were exquisite and moving.  Thank you so much for a very worthwhile evening.”



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