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Intense and beautiful interpretation of death and life between a heartbeat.                        Audience member, Ullapool

I became very emotionally caught up in this performance. It built up slowly and I became very involved. Tears fell as I thought of my mother. This is the connection dance should make for us.                     

Audience member, Ullapool

Very intense and emotional performance. I swam in memories of friends and family past   Audience member, Ullapool

There were moments where I felt quite personally touched, like it was directed at me, Might have been a smile or a flick of the hand.  It made your heart beat change as if you were performing the piece yourself.  The energy that was left in the room was one I’ve never experienced with dance. Everyone felt the need to stay and let it sink in.               Audience member, Ullapool

Wonderfully moving performance. Brought me to tears. Made me think a lot of the futility, beauty and fortune of the fruits of our labour. Absolutely fantastic.                                      

Audience member, Northwall Arts, Oxford

Thought provoking, having recently lost someone in my family I really related to this piece. It actually helped me identify feelings that I was struggling to go through myself – thank you.                    

Audience member, Paisley Arts Centre

Thank you from the depth of my heart for a fabulous performance. Touching on the movements in life with such beauty and depth.      

Audience member, Dunoon

It touched under the radar and let me breath the rawness of loss yet was totally inspiring.   Audience member, Universal Hall, Findhorn

I feel I have been taken on a journey of my own nervous system – best experience I have felt in a long time.            

Audience member, Universal Hall, Findhorn

It’s difficult to know what to write as I feel I’m still recovering  - an emotional rollercoaster, meshing fundamental aspects of life with my own personal experiences. Thank you!                    

Audience member, The Barn, Banchory

I guess this show said a lot of things that I needed to hear. It can be lonely on the outskirts of things and it was revitalising to see people interpret a mass of complexity that words can never reach. Thank you kindly. Thank you. Thank you.                                 Audience member, Tron Theatre, Glasgow


First time I’ve connected quite so deeply to dance.    

Audience member, Dunoon




“That was so cool!  Didn't know what to expect going in, but the physicality was astounding.  The direct references to the play were helpful in maintaining relevance to the plot.  Lighting was gorgeous, dancing incredible, sound so interesting, costume gorgeous.  Everything was incredible. WOW *****”

“Beautiful, thought provoking performance.  The play with gender roles was fascinating and really interesting in performance art discourse.  The experience was incredibly immersive, powerful, dramatic and emotive.  Both beautiful and strong in the physicality.  Loved the symbolism and use of costume and props."

“The torture of Lady M was captured beautifully.  Painful and gorgeous.  Captivating performances. Clever staging and excellent lighting design.”

“I don’t know much about Shakespeare, theatre or dance but I thought that was bloody brilliant.  Really, really enjoyed it!  I didn't get bored even for 10 seconds.  Beautiful choreography and strong dancers. I think the images will stay with me for months.  Cheers!”

“Beautiful stage setting, it gives an atmosphere which can serve as a contrast for the rest mostly because of the use of lighting.  Stunning performances, powerful message.  Thank you for the experience.”

“A wonderful piece of movement and music! Such beautiful emotion and heartfelt dancing! A very emotive and visceral piece of dance theatre and truly one of the best performances I have ever experienced! DO MORE!!"

“Very enjoyable.  Stunning piece of theatre.”

“This show was as thought provoking as it was visually stunning.  A take on Macbeth I never realised I needed.  Amazing.  Will start a fascinating conversation about gender roles in theatre which I look forward to participating in.”

“outstanding! Never seen anything like it.  Congratulations.”

“Really interesting way to portray Lady Macbeth, really hypnotic performance, also quite uncomfortable at a lot of points seeing actors/dancers bare all in their performance.  I loved how the three male performers really depicted the maternal side of her nature.  Fantastic!!”

“Very powerful.  Themes were explored in a strong way.  Dancing and acting was emotional and unsettling.  Amazing performance.  Wish I had more knowledge of BSL.”

“A moving  show.  Full of emotion.  Really got me thinking about gender-perceived gender, role of m/women.  And grief, mental illness.




“I absolutely was absorbed by both your amazing performances.  The dancing and the acting was moving and I felt you both, the elder and younger Nijinsky, the two of you were as one.”

“Very moving. Very realistic portrayal of Schizophrenia. Harrowing to watch the suffering. Body movement lovely.”

“The show was captivating - right from the beginning when Old Nijinsky danced in his chair. All of the dancing was so expressive. A beautiful sad story.”

“Really enjoyable, powerful performance and full of energy.  I loved it.”

“Absolutely superb”

“Stunning.  Made me cry”

“Compelling and moving performance”

“I was completely blown away by this - virtuoso performance form the dancer and tremendously moving acting from both guys.  Fantastic!”

“Very touching performances.  Thank you!”

“Superb production”

“Really good.  Dancing excellent.’

“Very different and enjoyable.”

“Very powerful.  Mesmerising!  Beautifully performed.  I hadn’t realised he was such a tortured soul.”

“Absolutely amazing.  Would watch it over and over”

“I found the performance spell-binding. Quite magnificent and very moving.”

“This was a brilliant performance.  The acting and dancing was so profound.  I felt so moved and mesmerised at every moment of the play/performance.  Perfect.”

“Very emotional performance.  Connecting the spoken word and movement to bring Nijinsky’s fate alive”

“Nijinsky’s Last Jump is like nothing I’ve ever experienced!!”

“Fantastic, wonderful.  Amazing, brilliant, moving.  Loved every minute.  Best thing I’ve seen this year”

“Very powerful.”

"Is it a drama/dance, or a dance/drama? It doesn't matter which way you see it, Nijinsky's Last Jump, with Darren Brownlie and Jim Bryce is absolutely beautiful. Deliciously slow in this rush, rush world with finely detailed performances from both of them. What a tragic waste of a life. Needless to say, I was greetin'.  Tremendous stuff."




“One of the most moving, disturbing and thought-provoking pieces of theatre I’ve seen. Phenomenal!”


“Excellent production – great talented cast – not just good dancing but acting, music and singing too.  Accomplished.  Poignant.  Well realised.”




“Fantastic music, dance, theatre – great experience.  Wonderful to have at our local theatre.  Well done.”


“Saw the show in last year’s Fringe and  had to see it again: heartbreakingly brilliant”




“Beautifully put together production.  Incredibly poignant.  Thank you.”


“Absolutely amazing.  The acting was as superb as the dancing – I’ve never seen exhausted dancers moving so beautifully.  And the jazz and singing was great too but we were so caught up in the action, it was hard to listen properly …  THANK YOU!!!”


“An extraordinary performance – a delightful and talented combination of dance, drama, music and song.  Please keep touring.”


“An incredible performance with dancing, acting and story telling.  Very moving.”




“Very thought provoking and powerful production.  Exhausted watching it!”


“Its hard to write feedback because I feel so traumatised.  I think that says just how ASTONISHING your performance was.  This brings the depression to life.  Thank you.  Fantastic.”


“Excellent dancing, singing and the band.”


“Brilliant – and harrowing.  Really enjoyed the performance.”


“Amazing – music, dancing, singing and acting.  Never seen anything like it.  Thank you”


“ 5 STARS!!”




“The acting was superb by all the cast and my friends and I were really touched by how real you made it…”


“It was, quite simply, wonderful.”


“There’s always one show that makes the whole exhausting, expensive Fringe experience worthwhile. This was it. If it wasn’t the last night I’d go again.”


“The energy created on that stage is something that will last in my memory for quite a while. It was simply stunning.”


“Painfully beautiful and stunningly uncomfortable.  A truly amazing piece of theatre”


“Absolutely brilliant!”




“Stunning, gut-wrenching show”


“All the performers were wonderful, it was truly brilliant”


“Such an involving, engaging production”


“Fantastic show! Very well danced and acted!!”


“I hadn’t anticipated that this would be such a powerful piece.”




“Poignant, moving, subtle. Would love to see it again. Cast astonishing. Loved the music and the stage set. Much to think further about.”


“Absolutely fabulous!! My first experience of dance – enthralling, loved it.”


“Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the evening. Standard was so high. How I envied the dancers their flexibility of movement. Stage design atmospheric. It worked!”


“A marvellous representation of the reconciliation of childhood and maturity, of trouble and searching for meaning, beautifully mediated by the Pierrot.  Some of the movements, like the transference from one to the other and the Pierrot’s fingers were exquisite and moving.  Thank you so much for a very worthwhile evening.”


“Wow! Fantastic show, mesmerising performance”


“I had no idea how long this performance was as it was so absorbing.  Wonderful choreography, beautifully danced.”


“Lovely – atmospheric and led  to some diverse discussions!”


“Beautiful performances on a simply beautiful set.”


“Really lovely performance – piano was very cool!”




“distilled to perfection, really”


“Absolutely mesmerising!  Spellbinding”


“A very impressive and moving performance”


“Profoundly deep and moving at a level hard to put into words.  Thank you for giving expression to such unspoken feelings.”


“Brilliant – really brilliant!”


“Very moving performance – nearly had me in tears.  Loved it all”


“Wonderful production, the symbolism was profound”




“Innovative and visually stunning.”


“Awesome performance.  Top choreography.”


“Powerful and fascinating.”


“Thought this was so good I was scared by it!  Amazing!”


“Dark, expressive and strangely beautiful”


“For a small company – big effect”




“very poignant, amusing, moving, gut-wrenching, farcical. Brilliant, please come again”


“Great expression & physicality “


“Loved it! Very inventive”


“Packed with power – a hugely refreshing show”


“Wonderfully fantastic’


“Mad! Super!”


“It was absoultely fantastic!”


“Bravo Company Chordelia – a varied and exciting evening”


“Such energy & ingenuity”


“Imaginative, fun and full of ability of an impressive sort”


“We loved it, but don’t quite know why!”


“Really enjoyed this – alternative, quirky and beautiful to watch”


“Very different and clever, was very impressed with the dancing”


“Very engaging, clever, humourous, puzzling – certainly different!”


“The performance by Kally was superb. Thank you for a unique show.”


“I was really impressed. Very expressive, quite something!”


“Hugely entertaining! Fluid and expressive.”


“Absolutely stunning. I will come again”


“Best thing I’ve seen for ages!”


“A joyous evening”


“So fantastic! Can’t wait to get all my friends to come and see it too”


“Best I have ever seen, performance deserves the best of media attention”


“It was SOOOO delightful (and my husband & I thought we didn’t like dance much)”


“Innovative – imaginative and thoroughly enjoyable.”




“Wonderful. Acting as well as dancing superb.”


“Exquisite, beautiful! Refreshing, perceptive”


“Superb, dynamic, humourous. Great opening.”




“Bloody brilliant and fun and so fluid. Loved it all! Many thanks – you really raised our spirits!”


“Superb. When is your next show?”


“Wish it had gone on and on!”


“Absolutely fantastic – both acts were brilliant. This is my first time at anything like this – I’ll certainly be back. Absolutely superb – fun & fantastic ability all round. Thanks”


“Great Performance”


“A superb company – a much better night than our last trip to Scottish Ballet!”


“I thought the show was refreshing and funny, much better than I’ve seen in a long time. I went home feeling uplifted.”


“A great evening!!!”


“Didn’t know what to expect but it absorbed the audience from start to finish. Thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you.”

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